GRATITUDE is the gateway to your world of wonders

  • Until you are praiseful, you will not be thankful, because only grateful people are praiseful people….. Be grateful, to be praiseful in order to be thankful……
  • Nobody becomes a winner without a fight…… there is something you overcome before you are called an overcomer.
  • If gratitude is the way to the world of wonders, then we must watch out against the enemies of gratitude
  • When you do not watch out for your enemies, they take you unaware Phil4: 4,6- Anxiety is an enemy of gratitude. A man cannot be anxious and be grateful at the same time!
  • If it is not possible God wont ask you to live an anxiety free life!
  • Anytime the devil get you to be anxious, he has made you a sinner because anxiety is a SIN…… God cant hold a sinner talkless of helping him or her
  • Be anxious for nothing……. It is a command!
  • Every commandment of God is design to make you, not to break you
  • When you accept Gods word as the final authority over the issue anxiety disappears!
  • What you look at will, determine what you look like…….when you look always into the perfect law of Liberty

Anxiety is the intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everybody situations……. Anxiety is an oppression of the devil…… ISA 30:15.. Every time You are Anxious, You lose of God provision….. 2TIM 1:7, ROM 8:15

What to eat, drink and wear – MATt 6:33 ……. Don’t be In a hurry for whatever God promised, you cant help prophecy to be fulfilled, you can only pray for it fulfillment.

2PET 3:9…… Abraham tried to help God in anxiety and gave birth to Ishmael, the enemy of the Child of promise.


  • If you want the word of faith to produce in your life……..BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING….. KEEP THE FEAR OFF