_Where did you get the idea that Jesus is safe?

_Jesus is not safe and he is not soft

Two builders, two buildings, one storm and two outcomes.

  • To build something that will stand against the storms, we must build beyond the earth……. We must dig.
  • Our Understanding of the concept of church should be according to Christ, to scripture and not culture.
  • The more we see church as a lecture hall or entertainment centre, the less of result we see or get
  • Hopecity is in her season of building its foundation both as a church institution and for the people.


  1. We build Beneath the surface – our culture is a consumer saving culture, and it is also from the church, because the church is a reflection of the culture which is not suppose to be……. Hope city wants to build and be built according to scripture. and not culture…..this is not a consumer church but it construction workers…those who will build the kingdom of God and their lives on the true word not on fakes…everything we are building is subject to storm!
  • All the lies, etc are all surface building they can’t stand the storm
  • Luke 6:46 – 48, 49 – most of the prettiest place you want to build your house are the worst places you want to live when the storms come
  • Some friendship good as long as the sun is shining…… it is very sad to think the church exist to serve your preferences.
  • A lot of people are looking for the church to customize ……… please customize Christ by practicing his words……. Don’t just preach it, practice it, when you practice it you have preached it.
  • As we live more in this age of confusion, artificial, pretense & fake lives. The authentic (those who are building by doing) will become more attractive……
  • We have highlighted bible passages but no heart change
  • When was the last time your you focus more on the word that your make up?
  • If God dig it out……… it is dirt ……..let it go?
  • Before God elevates, he will excavate…… Pro13: 1, 18
  • You won’t be able to stand the digging because you are not genuine.


Prayer: father, dig out of my life and destiny everything that will stop me from building my life.