My Declaration of Faith



I have a portion in this city. I have a place to occupy in this city.
I’m prospering in this city. I’m enjoying favour in this city.
Men and women, even forces unknown will work for my good in this city.
Everything is conspiring to do me good in this city.
I refused to go down. I refused to be embarrassed.
No shame for me in this city. Angels are working around the clock
to do me good in this city.
I am the head and not the tail. I am above only and not beneath.
Whatever cannot stop God will not be able to stop me.
I work in miracles. I work in victories. Every day in every way I go
forward in the Name of Jesus.

I advance in the direction of my dreams. I am a living magnet.
I attract by the power of the Holy Spirit everything that matters to the
fulfilment of my dreams – human, materials, financial, information,
properties, honour, favour, peace – I attract by grace.
I am a living magnet attracting every good things of life.
I will fulfil destiny. I will matter to my generation. Nations will call me
My names will ring bell in the places that matters.
I refuse to be in obscurity. I come by grace into limelight.
I shine my shine. I reign my reign. I succeed my success. I enjoy supernatural
It is my season. It is my time. It is my moment. I advance by grace.

Heavens hear, Earth hear, I prosper in this city. I refuse to be stopped.
I refuse to be molested.
I refuse to be small, because I’m meant to be glorified. I refuse to walk
with my legs.
I walk with legs of the most High God. The terror of God surrounds
me and all mine.
I refuse to be few, because I’m meant to be multiplied. I shall be great
in this city.
Every day I experience miracles. I see signs. I experience wonders.
In this city I matter.
Angels will spy out on me. Men will come to the brightness of my glory
in the Name of Jesus.
Heavens hear, Earth accept it, because it is so in Jesus Name!
This is my Declaration.

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